Art Direction, Graphic Design, Visual Communication -------- For ---- Luxury / Fashion / Pro-Sport ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- in print / on screen / in motion -----------------

01.19 — Brand design for Further: race, rally, journal. 07.15 — Brand design for Ride Scotland. Infographics for Team Sky during the Tour De France. Visual communication tools design for Revolution + Nocturne series race events. 06.15 — Design of official branded apparel for Nocturne London. 05.15 — Produced infographics for Team Sky during the Giro d'Italia. 04.15 — New brand design and directional concept development for Mavic. 02.15 — Designed presentation documents for David Millar, Ex Garmin-Sharp, Pro-rider. 12.14. — Design of seasonal greetings cards for Amer Sports, womens division. 11.14 — Brand design for Movistar, Alex Dowsett, hour record .9.14 — Advertising for Revolution Series, UK. Design of all p.o.p. materials for Nikita worldwide. 8.14 — Information graphics and design work for Team Sky during La Vuelta a España. Advertising for Nikita, Switzerland. 7.14 — Producing information design work for Team Sky during the Tour De France. 6.14 — Design work for Nocturne, London + Sky Velo.5.14 — Design work for Parkours ride event, London. 4.14 — Art direction of fashion shoot in LA with photographer Jason Lee Perry + post shoot design of books & advertising for Nikita, S|S 15. Produced work for Sky Pro Cycling for the Spring Classics, Sky Velo, and Face, London. 3.14 — Ongoing full rebrand for international fashion company. Art Direction + design for US fashion brand. 2.14 — Designed race kit for Team GB + international teams competing in Madison events at Revolution Series UK.1.14 — Designed exhibition graphics for Nikita brand exhibition stands for ISPO Munich + Agenda and SIA, USA. 12.13 — Produced advertising for Revolution Series, competition track bike racing. 11.13 — Designing 2 books and worldwide advertising for US based fashion brand. 10.13 — Amer Sports. Art directing a sport and fashion shoot in the Dolomites. 10.13 — Revolution velodrome race series, produced print advertising 1.13 — Won pitch to rebrand an international woman's fashion brand. 9.13 — Tour of Britain, produced info graphics for Sky Pro cycling. 8.13 — Laureus, Produced information graphics for Michael Vaughan's fundraising ride around the UK. 7.13 — Tour de France, produced the information graphics for Sky Pro Cycling . Created a short film for an installation at Brooom gallery, London. Designed the cue card profiles for Sky Velo, London-Paris ride.5.13 — Finished the information graphics for the Giro d'Italia for Sky Pro Cycling. Designed the livery for a Qatar based client's Ford GT Le Mans car. Completed the info graphics route maps for the London Nocturne and Leigh Day. 4.13 — Started the new season info graphics for Sky Pro Cycling, Paris-Roubaix. 3.13 — Designing the new team kit for FACE. 11.12 — RCS, brand design concept for the new Giro di Lazio race. 10.12 — ITV4 / Revolution. Full broadcast titles package for the TV series. — Nocturne, 3d track visualisation for the 2013 London Bike show at Excel. Right To Play, info graphics. 9.12 — Team Sky Pro Cycling. Tour of Britain, info graphics. + unrelated project for Sky. 8.12 — Team Sky Pro Cycling. Vuelta a España. Producing information graphics throughout the race. 7.12 — Team Sky Pro Cycling. Tour de France. Producing information graphics for team during the tour. Sky Velo, Producing the way finding graphics for the London—Paris ride. 6.12 — Sky Pro cycling: Covering the Critérium du Dauphiné for Sky Pro cycling / News corp. 5.12 — Sky Pro cycling: Creating the information graphics for Sky team during the Giro d'Italia. Ig Markets Nocturne London: Created the print advertising campaign + promotional merchandise design. 4.12 — British Cycling: Created the large scale image for the reception area. Sky Pro cycling: design support for Paris-Roubaix race. 3.12 — Sky Velo: Support graphics for London-Brighton. Sky Pro cycling: information graphics for Gent-Wevelgen + Milan-Sanremo races. Design support for the Paris-Nice race. 3d Motion graphics for Revolution TV + online advertising. 2.12 — Sky Pro cycling: visual communication for the Tour of Oman. 2.12 — Sky Pro cycling: Producing the internal team tactics, info graphics for the Tour of Qatar. 1.12 — Sky Pro cycling: Design of internal team tactics documents, daily profiles and maps for the Tour Down Under race. 12.11 — Print advertising design for Revolution, track racing series. 11.11 — Advertising, design and production for Sky Velo. 10.11 — SympaTex: Concept visuals and content creation for their ISPO Münich 2012 stand. 09.11 — SympaTex: Art directing a 10 day, extreme sports photo shoot in Lofoten, Norway. | Sky Pro cycling: daily information graphics, during the Tour of Britain. | Revolution: producing advertising campaign for the velodrome race series 11-12 season. 08.11 — Working with Inkcorporated Munich, Art direction + visual brand communication. Produced information graphics daily for Team Sky, during La Vuelta, Tour of Spain. 08.11 — Designed Ig Markets, VIP event invitations. 07.11 — Produced Team Sky Pro Cycling, tactics and briefing updates for all board members, each day, during the Tour de France. 06.11 — Various design projects produced for Nocturne London, including an isometric race map. 05.11 — Produced Team Sky Pro Cycling, tactics and briefing updates for all board members, each day, during the Giro D'Italia. 04.11 — Produced brand guidelines for the Nocturne Series. Became grand guardian for the international series. First races due in Melbourne + Shanghai. 03.11 — Working on the total rebrand of MAC_Mode legwear. GR. 03.11 — Produced website for Anthony Purcell. UK. 02.11 — Brand guidelines manual for the Nocturne Series worldwide, first stops, Melbourne and Shanghai. Sky Pro Cycling_Producing 2011 season design and advertising. UK. 11.10 — Leopard Trek, branding concepts for the new Pro cycle team, including application to bikes, kit and team vehicles. LU. 09.10 — Working in Münich for German fashion clients, producing Campaign's and parfum advertising. 08.10 — Le Métier book launch, at "Look Mum no Hands', London. 07.10 — First stage design for Sky Pro Team battle plan tactics team presentations. 06.10 — Brochure design for Freddy Flintoff's London promotional event. 05.10 — Brand design, advertising, race graphics and application for HTC Smithfield Nocturne, London. 04.10 — Finished press passing the Le Métier book design. Six colour printing, including gold tri tones. Find it online, search via: ISBN 978-0-9564233-1-3. Completed another project for Sky Pro team. 04.10 — Brand design for Sky Étape du Tour, teams. Publicity design for Freddie Flintoff, sports celebrity event. Le Métier, silkscreen limited edition poster + special edition book design. 03.10 — Advertising / design for Sky Pro cycling, 02.10 — Rouleur, ongoing design for Le Métier book, to be published in April 010. Design of Rapha lookbooks, UK, USA, Japan. 01.10 — Rapha Condor Sharp, Team Launch display graphics, as seen in central London on 28 January. Brand design for CjDean film productions. 01.10 — Rouleur, Started design work for Michael Barry and Camille McMillan's new book. 12.09 — Design for new Italian Dub step record label 'Backwords'. 11.09 — Rapha Condor Club, advertising and print work including the exclusive riders Journal. 10.09 — Johanne Mills 010 jewellery brand promotion. 9.09 — Rapha racing Australia, 'Jayco Sun Tour' event graphics. 8.09 — Rouleur magazine, issue 14 graphic design. 7.09 — Rouleur collectors edition box design. 6.09 — Brand design for Mark Cavendish,Tour de France and UK Olympic cyclist. 6.09 — Invitation and booklet design for Ricky Ponting, celebrity cricket event. UK. 6.09 — Ongoing branding work for the Nocturne Series. U.K. 4.09 — Advertising for Johanne Mills, jewellery. UK. 11.08 — Ongoing. Producing all visual brand communication for Rapha, luxury roadwear. UK + US. 10.08 — large scale wall illustrations for Flash restaurant, Royal Academy of Arts, London. 10.08 — Visual branding for Revolution, velodrome bike race events. UK. 9.08 — BT brand, logo in motion sequences. UK. 6.08 — Exhibition catalogue and advertising design for Paolo Castaldi, photography, Milan, Italy. 4.08 — Motion graphics 'For Your Eyes Only, 007' Exhibition. The Imperial War Museum London. 2.08 — Full brand evolution for The Noctune Series, elite cycle racing in urban environments. UK.

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